Days at the Morisaki Bookshop - Mondays from 27th November

Days at the Morisaki Bookshop - Mondays from 27th November

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Read and discuss this charming and uplifting story of the healing power of books


  • Join this book club and gain extra motivation to read in English
  • 4 hours of live classes to help you develop fluent speaking in English
  • Discuss the power of books to change your mood and lighten your thoughts
  • Be corrected by an expert English teacher to remove errors and mistakes

Practise and develop your English online in this 4 week upper-intermediate English book club course featuring Days at the Morisaki Bookshop by Satoshi Yagisawa.  Each week you read some chapters, discuss them in class and improve specific areas of vocabulary or grammar while also examining literary aspects of the novel.  Personalised feedback improves your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

The Book Club book

This international best seller is a story of love, new beginnings, and the comfort that a good book can bring.  Takako is suffering as her boyfriend has just revealed that he is marrying someone else.  Consequently she decides to accept the offer to move into her uncle Satoru's room above his Tokyo shop, the Morisaki Bookshop.

The shop is filled with second-hand books.  Satoru prides himself on his bookshop - he has devoted his life to it since his wife left him five years earlier.  

Can Takako find peace and solace within the stacks of books lining the shop?  What does the Morisaki bookshop have to teach them both about life, love, and the power of books to heal a broken heart?

Geoff says:

"This book is an international sensation!  It is about new beginnings, human connection, and the joy of reading.  It has been described as "a love letter to book lovers and readers everywhere".  It is beautifully written, elegant, and movingly profound.  

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The Book

  • Genre: Domestic Fiction
  • Language: International English (translated from the Japanese)
  • Suitable for: Anyone new to reading in English
  • Level: From Upper Intermediate upwards 
  • Text: Original 
  • 48,500 words (average weekly read: 50 pages) 

Date & time

  • Mondays from 27th November - 18th December
  • 18.30 CET (Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome & most EU)
  • 17.30 (UTC+0/GMT+0) London, UK, Portugal
  • 19.30 Greece, Ukraine
  • 20.30 Turkey, Saudi Arabia
Age  18+

Online class size

Maximum 8 participants, on Zoom, using break-out rooms for increased speaking and discussion

What you learn

  • To confidently speak and debate with others
  • To overcome any gaps by paraphrasing or rephrasing
  • To eradicate errors in grammar and pronunciation 
  • To develop and extend areas of high level vocabulary
  • To be immersed in the natural patterns of English syntax
  • To gain a deeper understanding of cultural issues
  • To perfect & enhance your English through summarising
Your teacher
  • Geoff Hardy-Gould, BSc, MBA, CTEFLA, DTEFLA. 
  • Over 20 years' experience of UK language schools. 
  • Speaker at IATEFL 2023 Conference Literature & Technology event; The Extensive Reading Foundation Conference 2022; TESOL Italia 2021.