Little Fires Everywhere - Mondays from 11th March
Little Fires Everywhere - Mondays from 11th March
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Little Fires Everywhere - Mondays from 11th March

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Read and discuss this thrilling modern novel from American best-selling author Celeste Ng


  • Join this book club and gain extra motivation to read in English
  • 7 hours of live classes to help you develop fluent speaking in English
  • Discuss race, privilege, secrets and motherhood in this powerful thriller
  • Be corrected by an expert English teacher to remove errors and mistakes

Practise and develop your English online in this 7 week English book club course featuring Little Fires Everywhere by the new exciting American writer, Celeste Ng.  Each week you read some chapters, discuss them in class and improve specific areas of vocabulary or grammar while also examining literary aspects of the novel.  Personalised feedback improves your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

The Book Club book

Two families are living in Shaker Heights, a quiet but progressive suburb of Cleveland, in which everything is planned from the layout of the roads to the colours of the houses.    Elena Richardson, successful and charismatic, lives with her almost perfect family.  Nearby live Mia and Pearl Warren, an artist mother with her daughter, in a house rented from the Richardsons.  As the Richardsons are drawn into Mia and Pearl's world, that carefully constructed community starts to change.  

'Just read it . . . Outstanding' Matt Haig

'To say I love this book is an understatement . . . It moved me to tears'
 Reese Witherspoon

'Beautifully written, completely charming, and extremely wise on the subject of adolescence and influence' Nick Hornby

Geoff says:

"This is a New York Times best-seller.  Many readers say this is acclaimed novelist Celeste Ng's best work.  It is an engrossing, intricately plotted story, with an emotional, empathetic hold on the reader - highly recommended."

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The book

  • Genre: Domestic Fiction; Thriller
  • Language: American English 
  • Suitable for: people familiar with reading in English - Upper Intermediate to Advanced
  • Text: Original 
  • Length: Average - 88,000 words
Dates & time
  • Mondays from 11th March- 22th April
  • 18.30 CET (Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome & most EU)
  • 17.30 (UTC+0/GMT+0) London, UK, Portugal
  • 19.30 Turkey*, Saudi Arabia*

*Times are 1 hour earlier due to UK daylight saving after 28/03



    Class size

     Maximum 8 participants

    What you learn

    • To confidently speak and debate with others
    • To overcome any gaps by paraphrasing or rephrasing
    • To eradicate errors in grammar and pronunciation 
    • To develop and extend areas of high level vocabulary
    • To be immersed in the natural patterns of English syntax
    • To gain a deeper understanding of cultural issues
    • To perfect & enhance your English through summarising

    Your teacher

    • Geoff Hardy-Gould, BSc, MBA, CTEFLA, DTEFLA. 
    • Over 20 years' experience of UK language schools. 
    • Speaker at:  2024 IATEFL Conference; 2023 IATEFL TechLit! Exploring crossovers between technology and literature; 2022 Extensive Reading Foundation; 2021 TESOL Italia