Mr Wilder and Me - Wednesdays from 26th June

Mr Wilder and Me - Wednesdays from 26th June

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Read and discuss the golden age of Hollywood in this touching story of legendary director Billy Wilder's penultimate movie


  • Be a part of this book club to develop your skills in English
  • 5 hours of live classes to help your speaking become more fluent & accurate
  • Discuss Hollywood, legacy, fame and family in this charming story  
  • Be corrected by an expert English teacher to remove errors and mistakes

Practise and develop in this 5 week upper-intermediate online English book club course featuring Mr Wilder and Me by best selling author Jonathan Coe.  Each week you read some chapters, discuss them in class and improve specific areas of vocabulary or grammar while also examining literary aspects of the novel.  Personalised feedback improves your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

The Book Club book

This story set in the late 1970s, describes Hollywood director Billy Wilder's difficulties in writing, financing and shooting his penultimate film Fedora.   We see the story through the eyes of a young Greek interpreter - young Calista Frangopoulou who finds herself working for Billy Wilder on a Greek film set.

Unable to attract the required finance from Hollywood, Wilder realises that he is no longer the star director that he once was.
  Consequently they head to Munich to finish the film with German money, and here they embark on a journey into the dark secrets of his family history.

'Utterly charming, deeply poignant and ultimately uplifting' Mail on Sunday

'Sweeps beautifully from Hollywood to Greece and London' FT, Best Books of 2020

'The dialogue's sharp, the comic timing excellent' Sunday Times

Geoff says:

"This is both a tender coming-of-age story and a close portrayal of a Hollywood icon, exploring the nature of time and fame, of family and the pull of nostalgia."

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The Book

  • Genre: historical fiction, coming-of-age
  • Language: British English
  • Suitable for: Anyone new to reading in English
  • Level: Upper-Intermediate
  • Text: Original 
  • 95,680 words (average weekly read: 79 pages) 

Date & time

  • Wednesdays from 26th June - 24th July
  • 17.30 CET (Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome & most EU)
  • 16.30 (UTC+1/GMT+1) London, UK, Portugal
  • 18.30 Greece, Ukraine
  • 18.30 Turkey, Saudi Arabia
Age  18+

Online class size

Maximum 8 participants, on Zoom, using break-out rooms for increased speaking and discussion

What you learn

  • To express your ideas clearly, concisely & accurately
  • To improve specific areas of grammar and vocabulary
  • To stop making repeated errors and mistakes  
  • To summarise arguments, highlighting significant points
  • To develop discussions with related comments & feedback
  • To overcome any gaps by paraphrasing or rephrasing
  • To socialise fluently and spontaneously 
Your teacher
  • Geoff Hardy-Gould, BSc, MBA, CTEFLA, DTEFLA. 
  • Over 20 years' experience of UK language schools. 
  • Speaker at:  2024 IATEFL Conference; 2023 IATEFL TechLit! Exploring crossovers between technology and literature; 2022 Extensive Reading Foundation; 2021 TESOL Italia