The Handmaid's Tale - Tuesdays from 26th September
The Handmaid's Tale - Tuesdays from 26th September
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The Handmaid's Tale - Tuesdays from 26th September

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Read and discuss this classic story of the resistance of seemingly powerless women in a patriarchal society


  • Join this book club and gain extra motivation to read in English
  • 5 hours of live classes to help you develop fluent speaking in English
  • Discuss female individuality & resistance in this powerful, compelling novel
  • Be corrected by an expert English teacher to remove errors and mistakes

Practise and develop your English online in this advanced course featuring Margaret Atwood's feminist masterpiece The Handmaid's Tale.  Each week you read some chapters, discuss them in class and improve specific areas of vocabulary or grammar while also examining literary aspects of the novel.  Personalised feedback improves your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

The Book Club book

Published in 1985, The Handmaid's Tale is set in the near future when the US government has been overthrown and replaced with a religious based government which is patriarchal, racist and totalitarian.  As a handmaid, Offred's one role is to bear children to the man in the household that she is assigned to - Fred Waterford.  Her name means 'of Fred'.  With the threat of death hanging over her if she refuses, Offred has to learn to navigate this oppressive world while retaining hope based on her past, and her dreams for the future.

'As relevant today as it was when Atwood wrote it' Guardian

'A fantastic, chilling story. And so powerfully feminist', Bernardine Evaristo, author of Girl, Woman, Other.

Geoff says:

"This is a masterful novel - haunting, powerful, thought-provoking.  It won several significant awards and Margaret Atwood went on to win the Booker Prize for the follow up to this novel, The Testaments.  It was inspired by the rise of the religious right in American with Atwood speculating what could happen if this rise continued unchecked."

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The book

  • Genre: Classic, dystopian
  • Language: American English
  • Suitable for: people experienced in reading in English -Advanced
  • Text: Original
  • Length: Average - 93,886 words (74 pages a week)

Dates and time

  • Tuesdays from 26th September to 24th October
  • 18.30 CET (Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome & most EU)
  • 17.30 (UTC+1/GMT+1) London, UK, Portugal
  • 19.30 Greece, Ukraine
  • 20.30 Turkey, Saudi Arabia



 Class size

 Maximum 8 participants

What you learn

  • To confidently speak and debate with others
  • To overcome any gaps by paraphrasing or rephrasing
  • To eradicate errors in grammar and pronunciation 
  • To develop and extend areas of high level vocabulary
  • To be immersed in the natural patterns of English syntax
  • To gain a deeper understanding of cultural issues
  • To perfect & enhance your English through summarising

Your teacher

  • Geoff Hardy-Gould, BSc, MBA, CTEFLA, DTEFLA. 
  • Over 20 years' experience of UK language schools. 
  • Speaker at: TESOL Italia 2021; Extensive Reading Foundation 2022; IATEFL Conference 2023