The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency - Mondays or Wednesdays

The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency - Mondays or Wednesdays

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Read and discuss this uplifting story about the first (and best!) female private detective in Botswana  


  • Develop your English by reading and speaking about this fun, lively book
  • 5 hours of live classes to help your spoken fluency and accuracy in English
  • Read this light, engaging story and discover Africa and African culture
  • Be corrected by an expert English teacher to remove errors and mistakes

Practise and develop your English online in this 5 week upper intermediate book club course using the first book in the The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series.  Each week you read some chapters, discuss them in class and improve specific areas of vocabulary or grammar while also examining literary aspects of the novel.  Personalised feedback improves your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

The Book Club book

This book follows the story of Precious Ramotswe who has just started as Botswana's first and only lady private detective.  We follow her solving a number of cases - a missing husband, a con man, a problem daughter, and most of all the case of a missing eleven-year-old boy.  This is a charming book -  a light, comfort read set in Africa, and offering a glimpse into Botswanan life and culture. 

Among the greatest comfort-reads of all time ― Sunday Times

The Miss Marple of Botswana ― New York Times Book Review

A rare pleasure ― Daily Telegraph

A publishing phenomenon ― Guardian

Geoff says:

"This is a best selling and much beloved series of books, and the first novel is great - introducing us to a wonderful character in Precious Ramotswe.

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The Book

  • Genre: Mystery; detective fiction
  • Language: British English
  • Suitable for: Anyone new to reading in English
  • Level: Upper Intermediate
  • Text: Original 
  • 70,265 words (average weekly read: 62 pages) 

Date & Time

  • Mondays from 24th June-22nd July
  • 19.30 CET (Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome & most EU);
  • 18.30 (UTC+1/GMT+1) London, UK, Portugal
  • 20.30 CET Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, 
  • 13.30 EDT Boston/New York


  • Wednesdays from 24th June-22nd July
  • 13.00 CET (Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome & most EU)
  • 12.00 (UTC+1/GMT+1) London, UK, Portugal
  • 14.00 Greece, Ukraine
  • 14.00 Turkey, Saudi Arabia
  • 19.00 Singapore, Taiwan 
  • 20.00 Japan, South Korea
Age  18+

Online class size

Maximum 8 participants, on Zoom, using break-out rooms for increased speaking and discussion

What you learn

  • To express your ideas clearly, concisely & accurately
  • To improve specific areas of grammar and vocabulary
  • To stop making repeated errors and mistakes  
  • To summarise arguments, highlighting significant points
  • To develop discussions with related comments & feedback
  • To overcome any gaps by paraphrasing or rephrasing
  • To socialise fluently and spontaneously 
Your teacher
  • Geoff Hardy-Gould, BSc, MBA, CTEFLA, DTEFLA. 
  • Over 20 years' experience of UK language schools. 
  • Speaker at:  2024 IATEFL Conference; 2023 IATEFL TechLit! Exploring crossovers between technology and literature; 2022 Extensive Reading Foundation; 2021 TESOL Italia