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We help you to actively use your English each week by discussing part of an interesting book in your online English book club.

We provide an extra motivation to read, listen, write and discuss in English each week.

We help you speak in English with other people who love books - discovering different opinions, ideas and the background to the book. We help you enter, reflect on and discuss the world the author has created.

Geoff Hardy-Gould, founder of online Book Club School courses


💭 Using video, podcasts and break out rooms, Geoff carefully guides your discussion and understanding of the book, while developing your English. He has over 25 years' experience in English language teaching, and loves novels.

🔭  Unique 5 point methodology to build all your English skills

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How it works - in 3 easy steps

Learning English online using your laptop and book to study for your class on Zoom

1. Know your level

Which book groups are right for you? Not sure? Take our test here. Or click here for a free 15 minute online consultation to find out more about what is right for you.

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This image shows Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brontë but we study many different simplified English stories in Book Club School. You buy the books yourself (e-books or paperbacks).

2. Choose a book club

Choose the English Book Club course that you are interested in - the original authentic text, or one using adapted, simplified texts which are shorter and less complicated. Reserve your place online.

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3. Start speaking in English

You buy the book yourself (paperback, e-book, or audio book). Each week you read or listen to the chapters your teacher advises, and join your English book group once a week on Zoom.



Case Study

"Brilliant. I have attended many English courses but they never helped me  to really progress. I always remained at the same level of speaking. Book Club School is definitely innovative. I bought the one to one lessons with Geoff and we chose the book "The Thursday Murder Club" because I love mystery books.  Having to prepare for the weekly lesson, I found this commitment to reading very useful. I found myself thinking in English thanks to the obligation to read in English a little bit every day. And when I meet Geoff, we have a topic to talk about, the book, and a vocabulary of new words to use that I've built up while reading. I really like this method, it's fun and I feel I'm becoming more and more fluent. I definitely want to continue."

Daniela, Italy

English Book Club courses in June and July

We have some great book club English courses coming up. These are for five weeks starting in the week beginning from 26th June.

There are two books are for participants at upper-intermediate and above.  One is Mr Wilder and Me - a story by British writer Jonathan Coe about the famous Hollywood film director Billy Wilder and the making of his penultimate movie, Fedora.  The second is The Truth about Melody Browne by British writer Lisa Jewell.  Lisa Jewell mainly wrote about relationships before this novel, but this one is a mystery about a woman finding out about her unknown past - highly recommended!

At advanced level there is also a mystery in "Elizabeth is Missing" - two in fact!  This is a novel that I ran a book club on in earlier in the year which was very well liked.  It tells the story a Maud, a lady with dementia who uncovers secrets in her past and in her present.  This is a most unusual and gripping thriller. Another mystery is Spies - the famous novel by renowned writer Michael Frayn.  In this book, wartime secrets are exposed through the eyes of children.  This is a great book, by a great writer.

Also touching on the second world war is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - another book club from earlier this year.  This book has a powerful and immensely likeable heroine in Juliet who becomes obsessed with the people in the book club in Guernsey that she hears about.  This book is full of literary references as well as having a great story full of historically accurate detail about the Nazi occupation of The Channel Islands.

Finally there are three classics.  The Awakening is a piece of early feminist writing by the American writer Kate Chopin which centres on a woman discovering herself and deciding what she wants in life.  The Garden Party and Other Stories is a collection of short stories by Katherine Mansfield whose centenary is taking place this year.  She is incredibly important and influential writer, despite her untimely death aged 34.  And, last but not least is J.D. Salinger's seminal work The Catcher In The Rye.  This is a much loved and widely read story which is one of those stories that you just have to read, at least once!

Come and join our international book club. Book Club School makes it enjoyable to use and improve your English online. You read or listen to the books you like and then discuss them in your online English book club class, with correction and improvement from your teacher. 

"My heartfelt thanks for having helped me take an interest in reading, after various unsuccessful attempts done on my own.  The Book Club takes the pleasure of reading to another level, where, besides reading, one is given the opportunity to share your thoughts and learn from others."

Antonella, Italy

"It was an amazing experience! The teacher was excellent. I really noticed an improvement in the way I communicate. My co-workers told me that I had improved. The teacher always corrected our grammatical mistakes which helps us to improve."

Alexandra, Panama

It was the first time I participated in a Book Club School. I love reading in my native language, but I was worried to face reading in the English language. I needed a guide, and I found it! Good teacher, few people and exciting books are perfect ingredients to improve English skills. Highly recommended to books lovers!

Giovanna, Italy

Great learning experience. Have found solid motivation to read regularly. Group members and Geoff are very friendly. Club atmosphere is warm and cozy. Looking forward to reading and talking through new books.

Dimitri, Russia

"I knew from the beginning that your method of teaching English was different and innovative but I didn't expect to become part of a wonderful community and to make new friends. Now, besides improving my English, the book club has become a weekly appointment I cannot miss."

Francesca, Italy

Such a wonderful experience: small groups, the best teacher and a great selection of books! If you want to improve your English reading novels and speaking, you will love these courses!

Guendalina, Italy

"The book club is really useful to improve your reading of classic and modern books. With Geoff's guidance I really was able to understand the different aspects that every story tells us. If you love books and you would like to share your ideas, this is definitely your place."

Luciana, Argentina

"I really enjoyed rediscovering The Great Gatsby, but also reading some unfamiliar American poetry and short stories and found the class meetings were always eye-opening. I would certainly recommend Book Club School and am looking forward to starting a new course. "

Martine, France

Reading is considered a solitary activity by many, but for me it was a surprisingly enjoyable experience to read on and discuss new chapters of the book with my course-mates week after week. Our teacher Geoff was great in leading our discussions and adding new aspects to the novel. A totally positive experience!

Cecilia, Hungary
  • Helping others

  • For every book that a student reads, we donate €1 to Room to Read, a reading charity that helps educate the poorest women in Africa and Asia. Educated woman make a big difference to themselves and their families.
  • Gain confidence

  • Speaking about books in English
  • Your teacher

  • Passionate - Qualified -Professional

Helping others

For every book that a student reads, we donate €1 to Room to Read, a reading charity that helps educate the poorest women in Africa and Asia. Educated woman make a big difference to themselves and their families. Donate

Gain confidence

Speaking about books in English

Your teacher

Passionate - Qualified -Professional