English Book Club online - Frequently Asked Questions

woman preparing for her international book club

1. What English ability do I need to join this English Book Club online course?

Take our free test which gives you your level for an English book club. Online courses are available at Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels. You can also have a free 15 minute online consultation with Geoff to discuss your needs and English level. 

2. Who will be my teacher?

Your teacher is Geoff Hardy-Gould a qualified & experienced English language teacher from the UK who loves books and is skilled at teaching using novels and stories in an English Book Club online course.

3. How much reading or listening do I do each week?

Every week you read or listen to two or three chapters that the teacher tells you. This means that you can remember what has happened and discuss this section of the book in your English book club online course. Original texts take longer to read than the adapted texts as they are longer, and have more complex language.  In general it takes the following to read the adapted texts:

  • Intermediate - 45 minutes a week
  • Upper Intermediate - 60 minutes a week
  • Advanced - over 60 minutes a week  

4. In the English Book Club online how much writing or speaking in English do I do each week?

Each course normally lasts for 8 weeks.  We meet once a week in the English book club online. We discuss the chapters you have read for 1 hour each week.  If you like you can write a summary of what you have read in advance of the session and Geoff will mark it.  This helps improve your accuracy of grammar and vocabulary.

5. How do I use and improve my English? 

Reading stories develops a deep understanding of grammar, structure and syntax.  In addition, you learn new vocabulary and recycle the words you know which helps your memory, and productive ability. In the English book club online session you practise listening and speaking in a natural way.  You receive personalised correction and so you can stop making repeated errors and mistakes. See here for evidence that extensive reading programmes improve students' attainment and achievement outcomes.  

6. Who else will be in my English book club online?

Other people who love the same books that you do, and who want to be in a group that discusses books in English. Book club online members are from many countries around the world.  In an English book club online course you meet new, interesting, friendly people who share your interests.

7. What technology do I need?

You need a desktop computer, or a laptop, or a tablet (e.g. ipad). You need a good internet connection (wired or wifi).  You need headphones and to be in a quiet room without anyone else with you.  Please only use a phone if you have nothing else, and if so please use a tripod to hold the phone completely still.    

8. How do I buy the books for the English book club online?

You buy them yourself online or from a store in your country.  Some people buy the e-book which is cheaper, or the audio book.  Make sure you buy the right version - ask if you need help.   

9. What happens if I miss a session?

You just need to read or listen to the next part of the story before the next session. We can't reschedule the session or refund you - so please try to attend every session of your English book club online course.

10. What types of books do we read?

Have a look at the current list of available courses.  Click on an English book club online to see details of the book club courses available.  To see what books have been discussed in the past, see the former online English book groups here.