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Advanced English Book Club Courses 

To see the current Advanced English book clubs, please scroll to the courses at the end of this section and click for more about the specific book group.

Advanced level (C1/C2) - select a classic or modern novel, and discuss it in English in your Advanced English book group once a week.  Communicate fluently, flexibly and effectively while building your vocabulary.  Gain an additional motivation to read regularly in English.  These advanced level English book club courses have live sessions once a week with Geoff. 

 What you learn:
  • To speak confidently and debate with other people
  • To continue to speak when you don't know the word
  • To eradicate mistakes in grammar and pronunciation                            
  • To build advanced areas of vocabulary
  • To become familiar with the natural linguistic patterns of English 
  • To have a deeper understanding of cultural aspects of the novel 
  • To polish and perfect your English
  • Choose one of the advanced English book club courses below. Each week your teacher tells you which chapters to read of the book that you have chosen.  Read them or listen to the audio book if you prefer.  Underline any interesting language that you like.  Then if you have time, write a written summary of a chapter and send it to your teacher who reads and corrects it.  This helps you to recycle the vocabulary and grammatical structures from the book at an Advanced English level.  Your teacher advises you on how to improve your writing, commenting on grammar, syntax and vocabulary.  Once a week we meet for the Advanced English book club session to discuss these chapters - for example, the plot, the themes, the imagery or characterisation.  This reinforces what you have read, recycles your vocabulary, and helps you to build your understanding of the book and learn new vocabulary. By speaking about the book you develop your spoken confidence, and your teacher helps you improve your accuracy in speaking. There are a choice of Advanced English book club courses - click on a course below for more details: 

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      • The New York Trilogy - Thursdays from 6th April
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