Try an online book club in English!

book club for free

Would you like to have a taster session of an online book club in English? Completely free, to meet Geoff and experience a little of what a book club school session is like? Yes? Then either use the chat to message me, or email me at: and I'll send you the zoom link.

The next date is:

Tuesday 29th August 18.30 Central European Time for 1 hour

This is a perfect opportunity to try a Book Club School session if you are thinking of joining us. Come and try it out! 👍✔🙂

In this session you will get to meet your teacher Geoff and the other participants in the online book club in English.  Then we will discover an author and listen to some video or podcasts about the author's life.  From this we will look at some vocabulary and grammar, and discuss the genre and typical themes of this author.  This session is designed to give you a taste of the first session of a book club school course, so that you can experience it.  

How does this online book club in English work? 

It's simple - you read the book at home and then we discuss the book in the session - the themes, the characters and the plot.  I use zoom break out rooms so that you discuss what you like about the book you are reading in a small group, as well as discussing it with everyone.  You gain confidence in using your English, and I correct you so that you improve your accuracy as well as your fluency.  An online book club in English is a great way to talk about something real and meaningful, without talking about yourself all the time!