Online English Book Club - Which book to get?

Buying the book for your English book club online

For your online book club in English you buy the book yourself. You can get a paperback or an e-book, or listen to an audiobook.  You can find the book online, or in a physical shop.  If you are not sure about an edition, or if you can't find the book - just contact us to ask.
Normally, we ask you not to start reading the book.  We read the book together - a certain number of chapters at a time - and this means that we explore the plot and characters together in the English book club online, and discuss the book step by step.

How do you choose the books for the English book club online? 

I am a bookworm!  I research carefully, read recommendations, and talk to other readers, including my online book club participants who often have interesting perspectives and recommendations.  I offer a choice of genres, and a mix of modern and classic novels.

Should I read an adapted or original book? 

Adapted books or graded readers have simplified grammar and vocabulary.  They are usually much shorter too, which is helpful if you have limited time to read.  If you are not used to reading in English this is a good way to start for your online book club in English.  Many classic books are available as graded readers - look at the course page to see the edition that I recommend.  Get this version - graded reader books by other publishers might be at a different level of English! 

Classic or Modern Novel - what difference does it make?

Reading a classic novel in the original English language can be a joy - and a real achievement for a non-native speaker in an online book club in English.  Of course, a classic book is usually more difficult to read than a modern novel - some of the language might be old fashioned, and some of the linguistic structures might be quite formal.  However, there will always be unknown words in any novel you read so don't let this put you off.  Ask me if you want an honest assessment of the difficulty level.

The other issue is about cultural knowledge.  Classic books often refer to events from the past, or refer to customs or social rules which have now changed.  Don't worry - we discuss these issues in the English book club online and you gain a wider understanding of these cultural aspects. 

E-book, Audiobook, Paperback, Hardback?

Choose the type of book for your online English book club that suits you best.  Audio-books can be good if you commute or spend time alone when you can listen while doing something else - cooking, cleaning, gardening!  E-books can be helpful if you like to look up the meanings of words.  But many people prefer to read and relax with the paperback or hardback - which also reduces your screen time! 

Enjoy your book club!  Geoff Hardy-Gould

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