Courses: Book Club for English learners - Upper-Intermediate

Upper-Intermediate Book Club for English learners

To see the details of the current upper-intermediate book clubs for English learners, please scroll to the courses below and click to see more information.

Upper-Intermediate (B2) - choose the type of stories you really love, and then enjoy discussing them in English with other English language learners in your book club once a week.  Improve your English in a natural and motivating way.   These book clubs for English learners have live sessions once a week with Geoff to help you speak with confidence, removing mistakes and errors.


What you learn:

  • To talk about your ideas confidently, clearly & accurately
  • To develop new areas of vocabulary and grammar 
  • To stop making your typical mistakes and errors                                                    
  • To summarise key information, and present your ideas
  • To engage in discussions, giving your arguments
  • To fill any gaps in your language by rephrasing
  • To socialise confidently and fluently 
  • Select one of the book clubs for English learners below.  Buy the book, and each week read the chapters of the book that your teacher asks you to read.  Or listen to them using the audio book if you like.  Highlight any language you find useful.  Summarise a chapter if you have time.  Your teacher will read and correct it.  In this way you recycle the grammar and vocabulary from the book.  Look at the corrections your teacher gives you - to develop your writing, vocabulary and grammar.  Then, in the zoom book club online session you discuss the chapters - for example, the themes, the plot, the characters.  This helps you to understand what you have read, builds your vocabulary, and develops your speaking skills. By discussing the book in the book club with other English language learners you build your confidence in speaking, and you improve your accuracy in speaking as you receive feedback. There are several choices of book club for English learners - click on a book club below for more details: 

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    • Days at the Morisaki Bookshop - Mondays from 27th November
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